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M.D. William Hall, M.D. founded Infini Cosmetic Associates to provide the safest, most contemporary, and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures to the residents of the Southwest. His initial training began in general practice and because of this he is well grounded in the medical and emergent care of his patients.

Arizona Hair Replacement

Hair replacement and its more recent advancements have become increasingly popular to many who feel their hair loss has aged them beyond their years.  Or, some want to regain the youth they feel deprived of after hair loss occurred. Approximately 50% of all men will experience some degree of hair loss in their lifetime and approximately 40% of women, surprisingly, will also experience various types of hair loss.  For men the most common reason for such hair loss is a genetic trait whereby DHT, a male hormone, causes the follicles to weaken and eventually die, permanently.

Hair replacement and its advancements are changing the way people feel about themselves. With the ability to grow ones own natural hair and reverse the previous thinning or balding once thought to be permanent, patients can recapture their youth and restore their confidence. If you are interested in restoring and preserving a more youthful appearance through hair replacement, call the Arizona Hair Institute now and set up a consultation. Hair replacement can replace more than just your hair!  It can renew a better you!